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Each person is responsible for taking care of their physical and emotional wellbeing during and after Jewish Embodied Spirituality group activities. Movement, meditation and all other activities are offered as suggestions and each participant is encouraged to trust their instincts and participate to their level of comfort, this may include modifying the exercises as they see fit and choosing to not participate in what is offered.

Dancing to faster and energetic music rhythms is one of the group components and participants need to be aware of any movement or other restrictions they may have and are responsible for making adaptations.

As with any awareness practice, being present in our bodies and with our minds can make us more aware of our feelings, thoughts, body sensations and memories. This can be a source of growth for many people. Occasionally, in cases of some mental health conditions, in some circumstances, the increased awareness can be destabilizing and not recommended.

If you have any concerns about potential impact of participating in the groups on your mental, physical or any other aspect of your health, please be in touch with your family doctor/appropriate health care provider (and/or myself in cases of any concerns related to mental health) prior to participating. P
lease keep me updated on your situation and needs. If you would like more information on what we do in the groups, do not hesitate to be in touch.

With warm regards and looking forward to creating a sacred space and a community,


Nadia Stolpner, MSW RSW
647-836-1251 or write a message here 

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