Guidelines for in-person Movement classes

Greetings. The following is meant to help co-create a safe sacred space for the Moving Sanctuary experience.

1. Self-care: please see Information on Safety 

2. Respect

Together we co-create a respectful space that honors each being present in the gathering. During the gatherings our activities include optional sharing with words, movements and sometimes sharing of our art "work". When sharing in words, we are encouraged to own our experiences by speaking from the "I". Whether or not we choose to share, we offer respectful kind attention to other participants when working together, including in pairs and in a larger circle. In these gatherings, we refrain from giving advice; instead, we cultivate our capacity to witness ourselves and each other from a place of compassionate non-judgmental presence within us.

3. Confidentiality

We do not share any personal stories or experiences of other participants that have been shared and/or witnessed in the gatherings outside of the gatherings.

4. Movement, Speaking, Emotions and other details
  • We move with barefeet, non-slippery socks/indoor shoes are options also.
  • Participants are invited to come in when they are not under influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs. 
  • Movement: there are no choreographed movements, we are invited to listen to the movements as they unfold from within. There is no wrong or one right way to move, there are thousands of right ways! The only restrictions are what may harm oneself, another or the space. When you arrive, you are invited to find a comfortable space on the floor and to simply extend kind attention and a welcome to your body and to your whole being, listening for what stretch, what movement is needed for you in that moment, bringing breath to your embodied experience where it is needed, following your own process. The facilitator will begin a more guided warmup shortly after the start of the gathering. At all times, you are invited to listen to your own inner guide above the words of the facilitator and the music you hear. 
  • Speech: As we are primarily present to use the language of our bodies for expression and being, we do not speak with words during movement activities unless this is needed for safety or when verbal communication is a part of the activity. 
  • Emotions: All of our experience is welcomed, the ecstatic, the difficult and all other shades as they arise. Many of us feel drawn to offer support to one in distress. Please know that you are not responsible for taking care of the emotional wellbeing of the other participants during the gatherings. Often what arises needs space to be for the natural awareness and transformation to take place, and reaching out to "comfort" the person may interfere with their inner process. Participants are responsible for reaching out to the facilitator for assistance directly when they want it. This is for any activity including movement and periods of silent meditation.
  • Please put cell phones on silent mode or turn them off, and exit the movement studio if you need to use them during the gathering.
If you have any questions or feedback about this agreement, you are welcome to share them with the facilitator. Thank you. 

Looking forward to being and sharing the movement journeys with you.



Nadia Stolpner, MSW RSW
647-836-1251 or write a message here

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