Moving Sanctuary

Would you like to be connected with your body and with the radiant wellspring of your being?

Moving Sanctuary is a sacred space and a community for journeys of embodied soul with freestyle conscious dance/movement, movement exploration, music and sacred circle of community.

What to wear and bring:

- Before class, clear the space you'll move in of any objects
- Wearing comfortable layered clothing, moving barefeet or in non-slippery footwear is recommended
- Bring water to drink
- A journal or paper and some crayons/writing materials
- For online classes: a video camera to share your presence with others and a private space

Current Offerings: 

Online Moving Sanctuary classes

Please see details on the Current Offerings page

What are Moving Sanctuary classes like? 


There are no structured steps to movement, a safe non-judgemental space is created to listen to ourselves and to allow the movement to unfold from within. Many somatic teachings share that healing and transformation can take place naturally when we move in this authentic way. 

Depending on the class/workshop, movement explorations are offered to facilitate connection with one's body and being, discover greater freedom and comfort with movement, cultivate trust in intelligence and goodness of your own organism as well as the greater world and the Mystery we are a part of. Explorations also include other themes for journeying towards greater expression, wholeness and connection. There are invitations to move in your own space as well as to move with others. 

Music and movement range from slower to faster, more energetic rhythms. Expressive arts including drawing and journaling, as well as opportunities to share in small groups, offer opportunities to process your experience.

The following teachings influence the content of the workshops: Dance Movement Therapy, Soul Motion, Azul Conscious Dance, Authentic Movement, Embodied Spirituality, Mindfulness, Sensory Awareness, 5Rhythms.

Please be in touch with any questions or feedback.

My reflections about movement:

We are embodied beings. Our bodies, hearts, minds, souls and spirits are one whole. In my experience, movement and dance, when practised with awareness and care, can be such nourishing gateways for arriving into deeper connection with our being and for transformation. Also, this deeper connection can offer access to innate inner wisdom, clarity, unconditional love and acceptance, joy, healing, and more.

I am grateful to my teachers, including Amara Pagano, Saskia Schreiber, Julie Leavitt, Simona Aronow, Lee Lesser, Diane Elliot, Erica Ross, Wendy Roman.

I am looking forward to moving with you.




   Current Offerings: 

   Online Moving Sanctuary classes

   Please see details on the Current Offerings page


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