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Moving Sanctuary aims to create a sacred space to come home to one's body, heart, soul, and a greater home of the Divine/source of Life/another name for the sacred that has meaning for you.

Moving Sanctuary uses meditative movement to beautiful music from slower to faster rhythms and awareness practice. There are no structured steps to movement. We are guided to extend care and to listen to our bodies, hearts, minds and souls and to allow our actions to unfold from within.

There is no meditation, movement or other background needed to participate. The workshops are also suited for people experienced with meditation and movement as they will find new content.

Moving Sanctuary is a place to step into the sanctuary of our being, to be nourished, connected with our sacredness and empowered to be our fullest selves, open to the joy and fullness of being.


Some of the benefits experienced by people during one 1.5 hour Moving Sanctuary workshop:

- Feeling free to be themselves

- Cultivating kind awareness of one's body and all experiences

- Being encouraged to listen to and to hear themselves

- Taking care of oneself and cultivating a sense of deep presence and compassion towards oneself and others

- Becoming more aware of how incredibly precious and sacred they are

- Receiving acceptance, care and love from a great group of people who stand for living their best lives

- Deepening one's spiritual practice, finding the sacred in oneself, in others and in all of life

- Having fun, with laughter and many joyful moments

Moving Sanctuary Workshop series


Level I Workshop series: Presence and Care: March 6 - April 3, 2013

Level II Workshop series: Open to Love: April 17 - May 29, 2013


For more information, please click here or visit Moving Sanctuary workshops page.

Moving Sanctuary classes

Moving Sanctuary classes are an opportunity to practice what we've learned in workshops Levels I or/and II or to see what this is all about for those who have not participated in the workshops.

Upcoming schedule: Wednesday evenings January 9 & 23, other dates TBA.
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