Q & A: How are drop-in sessions different from group psychotherapy?

The sessions can be highly therapeutic but are not psychotherapy. Each person is invited to set an intention for their group experience, during each group session we create safe and sacred space to be connected to ourselves and to the Great Mystery beyond. The focus is on being present with our experience in the moment as it is happening. Lots of guidance is offered including tools for compassionate listening to oneself and practices that help us be inspired, nourished and empowered. It is a smaller group with up to 10 people attending and there is space in the group for discussion of own process.

Due to the nature of drop-in groups, we may have new participants attending each session, possibly but not necessarily reducing the depth of group discussions, hence there are lower fees for drop-in sessions.

Each person takes responsibility for their own emotional and physical well-being during and after each session. E
ach person is encouraged to listen to their instinct and adapt all activities offered as they see fit for them. There are lots of opportunities in the group program to go on one's own exploration. If you are looking for a therapy experience with a practitioner or for more frequent sessions, these gatherings can be a great addition to individual sessions.

Please feel free to be in touch for more information or with any questions here.

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