September 20, 2022

The alchemy of dance: on becoming a vessel for Blessings

Each movement journey is unique and participants join for different reasons. I’ll describe here one possibility that is usually alive in me during the workshops. I hope it gives you a taste of the workshops and maybe opens a door for inspiration on embodiment. 

A guided movement warmup helps us discover a nourishing connection with the body. Once the consciousness can inhabit different parts of the body more, the mind can settle a bit easier and perhaps is no longer the primary focus of attention. Perhaps the awakened awareness of the body and breath moving through can be more noticeable, more palpable. Guided moving meditation and imagery help us find a supportive space around us and underneath us, perhaps allowing some settling of energies in our system, allowing us to land into more presence. 

Imagery, words, prayer or songs invite openings in the heart, perhaps gently allowing a connection with the heart of hearts, a wellspring within. Maybe on each breath we can tap into the rejuvenating waters from the source of Life, and on the exhale can perhaps land a little bit more into the aliveness that we are in our cells, in our hearts, in the essence of who we are. As our hearts are becoming more open and one to the flow of Life within and beyond, we find ourselves in the flow of Blessings. Our hearts and whole being become a vessel for love, peace and other qualities to flow through, to become a blessing, for ourselves and for others.

In this space we can rest, we can be, and listen to the stirrings of our being, moving towards and making space for what is here, maybe expressed in a subtle gesture, an image, a sound, an impulse to move or to be still, following the thread to receiving what is alive and wanting to come through. This practice helps us enter into contact with Life, open to the wisdom for our life wanting to be heard, stepping into the transformation.

This is a taste of one experience, for each person the experience is unique. Some join to land into a more loving connection with their bodies, some long to have a space to connect with themselves with movement. Letting go of expectations, agenda, and opening to what is present, being with it and with ourselves with kindness is what opens doors. We are present with the Mystery and as I remember my beloved teacher Julie Leavitt saying, “each moment is new and God is the choreographer”. You do not need to know how to “do” this, all that is needed is curiosity and presence.

I'd like to share with you a beautiful song by Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel called "The Book of Life" where she sings: “I place myself in the flow of blessings” 

What do we need blessings for? For me, the blessings transmute our consciousness into a higher frequency, helping us to have a visceral knowledge of what is needed in our lives, of what is possible, once we can feel what is possible as already present here through our bodies, it becomes easier to create this in life, to live into the blessings. Conscious dance and movement help us integrate these energies, deep listening and moving in this contemplative way help the inner transformation.

I wish us much peace, love, support and abundant blessings as we continue stepping into the lives we are called to create.

With love,



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