It's been a great journey of movement and transformation in community.
Thank you to all who have shared and shaped it.

Growing Souls: Conscious Dance/Movement JourneysSpadina & Dupont, Toronto, February - May 2018

Greetings. You are invited to journey into greater presence, wholeness and unfolding of your being with freestyle conscious dance, movement exploration, authentic movement, and music. 
Gatherings include themes for deepening connection with embodied soul and spirit. A safe non-judgmental space is created to explore own inner journey. Opportunities for journaling, drawing, and sharing in pairs and in small groups facilitate processing and integration.
Enjoy this rejuvenating and transformative experience in community as we travel on our paths together. 

most Tuesdays, 7:10 - 9:00 pm
At 358 Dupont Street, Toronto (Spadina & Dupont)
Eight Branches Healing Arts Centre

$75 for 5 gatherings, valid until May 22, 2018.
or sliding scale $20-25 per gathering. 
If finances are a barrier to you attending, please be in touch.

Classes on these dates explore specific themes:

February 20th - Embodying Soul: find tools to ground in your body and center in the essence of your being.

February 27th - Ground of Being: exploring body, connecting with tissues, bones, finding nourishing ground, and source of aliveness within.

March 13th - Connect with Your Soul

March 20th - Connect with the Energy of your Being

March 27th - Embodying Soul: find tools to ground in your body and center in the essence of your being.

April 10th - Self-Care

April 17th - Let go and Rejuvenate with Play. Listen to your Being.

Moving Sanctuary, Toronto, Spadina & Dupont, January 2018

Welcome. You are invited to a rejuvenating and transformative journey to greater wholeness and expansion of your being - with conscious freestyle dance and music. 

Journaling, other expressive arts and small circle sharing give us valued opportunities to process and integrate on this journey.

A safe non-judgmental space is created to connect with our bodies, hearts, minds, souls and their source. With compassion and gentleness we are invited to allow the wisdom within us to find its own ways to unfold into greater wholeness and fullness of expression. In addition to space for personal journeying, transpersonal is a core ingredient: we have opportunities for dancing the essence of our being, expanding our awareness to include the mystery we are a part of, using any name or lack of a name that speaks to you, contained both in our tissues, in our breath, in each other, and beyond. Come to relax, unwind, rejuvenate, play, transform, connect.

For both people with no background in conscious dance/movement and for experienced movers alike. There are no structured steps to movement, a space is created to listen to ourselves and to allow the movement to unfold from within. Music ranges from slower to faster, more energetic rhythms. For seekers of all spiritual backgrounds.
We are present with bare feet. Please wear layered clothing and bring a water bottle.

Tuesdays January 2, 9, 16, 30, 2018

7:10 - 9:00 pm

Sliding scale $20-25 per gathering. If this offering speaks to you but finances are a barrier to you attending, please write to Nadia at 

Moving Sanctuary, Toronto, Spadina & Dupont, November - December 2017

November 7 & 21; December 5 & 19, 2017 - workshops with more guidance, see themes below

Alternative weeks November 14 & 28, December 12 - classes with less guidance for movement. Include meditation. Connecting with your spirit with movement, meditation, and sacred circle. 

7:10 - 9:00 pm

November 7: Earth: Grounding, nourishing own body, listening to life through the body

November 14: connecting with embodied spirit with meditation, movement and sacred circle

November 21: Water: Embracing emotions, connecting with others

November 28: connecting with embodied spirit with meditation, movement and sacred circle

December 5: Air: Hearing and exploring one's soul language

December 19: Fire: Transcending self, merging inner fire of one's essence with own Divine source

Special introductory offering for this series: sliding scale $20-25 per gathering. Value: $35 per gathering. If this offering speaks to you but finances are a barrier to you attending/attending as frequently as you would like, please write to Nadia at Several spots are reserved for a reduced rate. It would be great to have you in the circle.

To Register and with any questions or comments: please email or call 647-836-1251.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor and to weaving the circles together with you.

Moving Sanctuary playshops, at Broadview and Danforth, Toronto, March - May 2017

You are invited to JOURNEY to greater PRESENCE, ALIVENESS, and CONNECTION 


This is a gently guided sacred space to enjoy, unwind, be, and transform. It is ideal for folks who appreciate a gentler soulful music & approach, and space for in-depth journeying if one would like it. Playfulness and enjoyment are always there.

Moving Sanctuary workshops at Queen & Ossington, Toronto, May - June 2016

Moving Sanctuary bi-weekly and monthly workshops at Spadina and Bloor, Toronto, October 2014 - May 2015

Moving Sanctuary workshops at Helix Healthcare Group Inc., Toronto, April 2015

Women's Urban Retreat: Inner Radiance - Moving Sanctuary
An uplifting, convenient and affordable retreat in the city!
• Experience the joy and connection of being with like-minded women who are into personal wellness
• Clarify your life goals with creative activities that will support you in manifesting them
• Partake in a guided transformational dance journey with beautiful music to relax, unwind and find home in your body
• Experience a Moving Sanctuary to reconnect with your radiance, beauty and brilliance
• Let go of blocked energy to shine ever brightly
• Have fun, recharge and step into a freer and fuller you!
Hosted by Jill Hewlett and co-facilitated with Nadia (I will facilitate a 2 hour movement journey)
Sunday June 14th 2015 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Leslieville Sanctuary, 1192 Queen Street East
$75/person or 2 for $100+hst

Moving Sanctuary: Conscious Dance Journey in Richmond Hill

Come to unwind, reconnect with yourself, feel rejuvenated, enjoy and shine ever brightly! With freestyle conscious movement to beautiful music. No dance experience is needed to participate. Activities are gently guided and each person is invited to participate to their level of comfort. We move with bare feet. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. 

Sunday June 21st 2015 6-7:30 p.m.

At Indigo Yoga Barre, 10815 Bathurst St, Richmond Hill (Bathurst and Elgin Mills)

Special promotional offer: $10. Value is $35.

Link to register online: 

Authentic Movement group: 
"we close our eyes and turn within to await an impulse that leads. We follow, moving, witnessing, experiencing the freedom of this inner dance and its authentic expression. From the most mundane gestures to elaborate dances we reveal and have revealed to us our own story of the moment. Sometimes simple, sometimes deeply releasing or joyfully transforming, it is all a part of our uniqueness as well as our common human heritage. We rediscover the truth and beauty of our being. And life is good!" source:

No experience is needed. Prior to authentic movement, we will have a gently guided warmup to reconnect with our bodies and the present moment and to playfully and organically discover authentic movement for the first time for those new to this practice or to tune in to ourselves as we come to the practice from a busy day for those experienced with it.

Facilitated by Nadia and Ayana Spivak, Ayana is an experienced Authentic Movement facilitator and Dance Movement therapist (Moscow, Russia)

RSVP at is needed to attend as more info will follow

Thursdays June 4th and 18th 2015 6:30-8:30 p.m. 
At Finch and Yonge (steps from the subway): 
21 Hendon Avenue, Trillium Room, Toronto (North York Seniors Centre)
Special introductory offer: sliding scale $30-15

Spiritual Directors of Ontario Network 25 year anniversary full day sacred movement program, May 2014

Moving Sanctuary weekly and bi-weekly workshops at Broadview and Danforth, Toronto March 2011 - September 2014

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