Soul and Body-Based Counselling & Psychotherapy

Compassionate deep listening and support on your path with situations including:

For adults gifted with sensitivity and empaths, who want to discover a more authentic expression of who they are and to live a fulfilling life

Counselling sessions offer a supportive space where you are seen, your voice is heard, your gifts and unique qualities are reflected to you and appreciated. The sessions can be helpful whether you are feeling drawn to take the next step in your growth or are experiencing depression and anxiety.

For people who want to find clarity in making decisions and navigating life. 

Due to our cultures and upbringing many of us rely mostly on using our minds in making decisions, often feeling stuck. I find that while our minds are a wonderful tool, our bodies, hearts and spirits hold vast intelligence that is here to guide us. Find gentle and loving support in reconnecting with your body's innate intelligence to deeply hear and trust yourself, and to navigate your life.

For people experiencing career and life transitions 

If you are in a career transition, find loving support in helping you explore your current situation, tap into your body's wisdom to connect with your gifts, values, discover your heart and soul's longing, life purpose(s). 

For all life transitions, counselling can offer space to together listen to the body and soul for guidance, be held amidst fear, the unknown and challenges, become aware of limiting beliefs and habits, discover and live into more life-supportive ways of being.

For spiritual seekers

For people who are spiritual, tapping into our embodied spirit or essence can be a nourishing resource to reclaim our sense of inherent unconditional worthiness and value. Connecting with this unbroken and infinitely powerful and wise place within us, connected to the Source/Great Mystery, can help us hear the inner guidance for living our lives, discover ever more life-supporting beliefs and habits, and be a catalyst for personal transformation and well-being in general. For some, seeing all of one's experience as sacred helps to have a more accepting and friendlier relationship towards body sensations, feelings, and thoughts. 

My path has been in integrating all aspects of my being, where all layers: the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical form an embodied whole and are all sacred. I work with people of all backgrounds. My own background is in Judaism. I am committed to honouring each person's truth and tradition/religion/path.

For people experiencing health challenges

Body-based approaches can help reduce stress, learn to listen to the body's wisdom for greater health and well-being, and foster a more compassionate and loving relationship with one's body and oneself.

For sensitive souls 

If you are gifted with sensitivity, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Living environment, having many demands on your time, abundance of choice, engaging with family or other people you find challenging to be with, being a parent, or other situations can easily lead our nervous systems to be overwhelmed. Counselling sessions can explore embodiment tools for managing your energy.

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Counselling sessions use a body-oriented perspective.

In addition to speaking, you will have an opportunity to connect with your experience in the body. Embodied awareness can offer richer opportunities for insight and transformation that speaking does alone. 

The sessions incorporate therapeutic movement/dance. No past experience with dance or movement is needed. My aim is always to start where the client is at and to go at their pace. This means that for clients who are new to movement, we might speak more and practice simple forms of meditation and embodiment at first. For clients who are more at ease with dance and wish to move more, we would incorporate more movement. 

Other forms of expressive arts such as drawing can be included as well if desired by you. 

In our work together I draw from a variety of tools, based on what is needed for you. These tools include:

Body-oriented approaches to counselling


Dance/movement therapy

Guided imagery

Spiritual counselling

Trauma-informed approaches

Languages: In addition to English, sessions are provided in Russian language.


$130 CAD single online counselling session 60 minutes

$550 CAD package of 5 online counselling sessions

$150 CAD single in person* counselling session 60 minutes

$650 CAD package of 5 in person counselling sessions

Sessions are often covered by extended health benefit plans under Counselling or Psychotherapy services provided by a Registered Social Worker (I have a Masters in Social Work and am a Registered Social Worker). Please inquire with your insurance company. Receipts are provided.

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*In person meetings are by appointment at 715 Bloor St West, Toronto Healing Arts Centre. Steps from Christie subway station. 



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