Jewish Embodied Spirituality

Would you like to connect with the Divine?

Come into the sanctuary of your being
and into a supportive community

Where you can connect with the Divine dwelling within you, in others and everywhere else
Connect with your body, connect with yourself
Be deeply nourished and rejuvenated
 Experience much joy in the company of others

With gently guided mindful movement, joyous freeform dance of the soul, poetry as well as opportunities to be in one's own sacred space and to share with others, all to beautiful music.

  • No experience is needed to participate. People with all levels of meditation and movement practice are welcome.

One thing I ask of You I ask it with all of my heart
That I may dwell in Your House all the days of my life.      
Behold the beauty, the beauty of You and to be in that Holy Place
(translation of King David, Psalm 27:4)

The content of the workshops is based partly on Jewish Embodied Spirituality trainings i attended at Merkavat Ha-Makhol Institute for Embodied Spirituality with Julie Leavitt, Rabbi Diane Elliot, Simona Aronow and Latifa Berri Korpf at the Isabella Freedman's Jewish Retreat Centre in Connecticut in 2010 and 2011 and on ongoing one-on-one communication with Julie Leavitt since 2013.

Past Offerings at:

  • Tikkun Leil Shavuot Jewish Learning Festival at Miles Nadal JCC
  • Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs Sukkkot Celebration at Bela Farm, Ontario
  • Toronto Downtown Women's Rosh Hodesh Circle
  • Kavod Jewish Social Justice House in Boston, MA


Next Workshop:
Tuesday January 28, 2014
7-8:30 p.m.
Doors open at 6:45 p.m.

To be informed of upcoming workshops, please join the mailing list

Where: 344 Bloor Street West (at Spadina, across from Miles Nadal JCC), Suite 505: Integrate Chiropractic

  • Main entrance to the building closes at 7, if you happen to be late, please buzz suite 505 to have the door opened

Investment into oneself: $25. Payable at the door by cash or cheque or in advance by e-mail transfer.

Few scholarships are available for those who are not able to pay the full price.

To ensure the experience is safe for you, please see the Please Read section by clicking here before attending.

What to wear: Anything you would feel good and comfortable moving and sitting in, we are present without street shoes.

To RSVP, for questions, scholarship information or to be added to the  mailing list to be informed of future offerings, please send a message here or to nadiastolpner at gmail dot com or call 647-836-1251.

Q&A: please see below the map

 Q & A

What kind of movement/dancing would we do? We usually start with simple guided activities to help one relax, to welcome themselves and each other and to create sacred space. In a non-judgmental environment, there are opportunities to be present independently and to celebrate in community, all to each person's level of comfort. The music is ranging from slower to faster rhythms. There are no structured steps to movement. Guidance is offered to listen to the embodied soul and to allow the movement to unfold from within, honouring oneself and each other. Movement is a way to listen to and to connect with the Divine. Prior meditation or movement practice are not required to participate. One's desire to be there for themselves is what counts.

What makes these workshops different from Moving Sanctuary? Jewish Embodied Spirituality workshops use Jewish spirituality to help one connect with the Divine. You will find some Jewish prayers, psalms, philosophy and a few words in Hebrew with English translation that would follow. People of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome to attend. Each person attending aims to honour their own experience and others present.

Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.


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