Individual Counselling

Clients find deep listening, support and empowerment in the sessions. The approach I use is
  • Client-centered and strength-based
  • Incorporates both mind, body, and spirit
  • Specializing in facilitating connection with one's soul and body for living more authentic, healthy and fulfilling life
I work with adults. Sessions are customized to meet each person's unique needs and can be suitable for individuals facing diverse situations including wanting more personal growth, spiritual growth or better mental health. Examples of the work I do with clients include but are not limited to:

Living more from one's soul, creating a more authentic and fulfilling life
  • Receive support in reconnecting with and living more from the core of who you are
  • Reconnect with inherent value, unconditional worth and beauty of your being
  • Learn to listen to inherent wisdom of your mind, heart and body 
  • Reconnect with inherent gifts and strengths
  • Explore life meaning and purposes
  • Be heard and supported in a decision making process, find clarity on next steps
Receiving support with life transitions such as
  • Career change (such as finding how to be with the challenge of not wanting to continue doing the work one is doing currently as it does not speak to their heart and soul, to receive support in the process of discovering what one wants, or in transitioning to making changes in one's work/career)
  • Relationship and family transitions
  • Midlife transitions
Connecting with the Divine/Spirit/Love, Peace, Wholeness and Radiance within and beyond, using any name or lack of a name for the Divine that has meaning to the person

I am committed to honoring each person's truth and
  • Finding or growing one's personal connection with Divine including in day-to-day life
  • Exploring meaning
  • Discovering resiliency in hard times, rekindling hope
  • Finding a deep and lasting sense of peace within, finding greater trust in oneself and in the "universe"
Living a healthier life
  • Reduce stress, learn ways to not be overwhelmed or controlled by thoughts and emotions
  • Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body and mind for better health
  • Reconnect with your body
  • Be empowered and supported in times of difficulty
  • Grow in self love and compassion

Please CONTACT me as you search for the right person to work with:
647-836-1251, at nadiastolpner at gmail dot com, or send a message here.


In addition to talking, body awareness, mindfulness practices, movement/dance, meditation and expressive arts can be incorporated into the sessions as desired by the client. My background is a Master's degree in Social Work.

In addition to English, services are provided in Russian language. 

  • Fee: $100 per hour, may be reimbursed by extended health care benefit plans that cover counselling services by registered social workers
  • Sessions are usually 1 to 1.5 hours long, typically once per week but this depends on the needs of the person and can vary. Sessions can be held over a longer or a shorter term, depending on the person's situation.
  • Free no obligation 20 minute phone consultation prior to the first meeting is available
  • Location: 715 Bloor St West, Toronto Healing Arts Centre. Steps from Christie subway station. Meetings are by appointment. 

  • I also provide counselling services at these clinics:
  • Physiomed Yonge Bloor. For clients who heard of the counselling services through Physiomed Yonge Bloor branch, sessions are held there.

  • I ask the courtesy of the 24 hour notice in case of a cancellation or change.
In addition to English, sessions are provided in Russian language.

Please CONTACT me as you search for the right person to work with:

647-836-1251, at nadiastolpner at gmail dot com, or send a message here

With warm regards and best wishes,


Nadia Stolpner, MSW RSW


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